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The history of track and field event was started way back in 776 BC. The first foot race was held at the first Olympic festival in ancient Greece. The walking, running, and throwing things is a natural process in man from his birth. This process gave birth to track and field events. Many individuals started to compete with each other and the events became more popular as the days progressed. The events began to develop and many new track events were included in the process. Well, let us have a look at the history of track and field event.
The ancient track event included the stade race, which is called sprint in modern event. The contestants ran from one end of the track to the other. The distance covered was
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The marathon event has its own history in Olympics. The marathon was inspired from a legend that ran 26 miles from the plains of Marathon to Athens in 490 BC. The first official Marathon in the history of track and field event was introduced in 1896 Olympics. The 5000 and 10,000 meter was added in 1912 and 3000 steeplechase meter was added in 1920. The 800 meter was the minimum distance for women in 1928 and the maximum 5000 meter was added in 1996 Olympics.


Jamaica has the prestigious honor of having the most success per capita of any country world in track and field. This great honor started when Jamaica's first track Gold Medallists Dr Authur Wint won the 400m in 1948 Olympics. He along other greats Herb McKenley, Leslie Laing, and George Rhoden put Jamaica on the map in one of the greatest relays when the team won the 4 x 400 relay in the 1952 Olympics.
Jamaica's success at the Olympics and international competitions continued through out years with athletes like Donald Quarrie (gold 200m, silver 100m, in the 1976 Olympics), Bert Cameron (silver, 400 relay, 1988), to Grace Jackson (silver, 200m, 1988), to Winthrop Graham (silver, 400m hurdles, 1992), Raymond Stewart, Juliet Cuthbert (silver, 100, 200m, 1992), Deon Hemmings (gold, 400 hurdles, 1996) and perhaps the most popular athlete track Queen Merlene Ottey who has more International and Olympics medal than any other Jamaicans.
Track and Field is

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