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Select five sources. Explain how useful these sources have been in informing you in your enquiry into the main features of trench warfare on the Western Front in the First World War.

The five sources that I have selected to help with my enquiry are photographs, an extract from a newspaper article and a soldier's diary. The reasons why I chose these five particular sources is because I believe that they are a wide variety of selections, dating back to many years, all ranging from the start of the war to the end of the war. However, one of my sources, the newspaper article, was published in 2008 so it is more of a recent source but still, very useful and effective.From my own knowledge I know the trenches were inhumane
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Bad weather or not, this was the types of conditions the soldiers had to tolerate to help their country win the war. This source teaches us these soldiers were way out of their comfort zones, having to endure pain as they were working day and night in the mud and rain, not to mention rats the size of a small rabbit which I know from my research, this photo also highlights how they've had to continuously wade in dirty water and the difficulties of going through the war without getting a serious, life threatening disease, for example dirty water which leads to typhus, cholera and dysentery. Another serious condition caused by dirty water is trench foot which can lead to amputations. However, you cannot see that this had a bad impact on the soldiers in this photo as they are seen to be smiling in this image. The soldiers in the photo are all dirty and covered in mud. This was something no one was used to, let alone the soldiers. Yet again, having to work and live under muddy conditions must have been very uncomfortable as one can imagine. This source is understandable to show that the soldiers are anxiously waiting for their turn to go into the battlefield, it also helps us to identify some weapons carried with soldiers for example the soldiers have guns with them which is why I chose this source. From my own knowledge I know what most of the machinery's they used during battles such as flamethrowers, this consisted of a can of petrol that a soldier carried on

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