Essay about History and the Novel 1984

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Totalitarianism is defined as a political system of government in which those in power have complete control and do not allow people to oppose them. Those in power are a single party dictatorship in which one party controls state, and all other parties are forbidden. Other important features that distinguish or help define totalitarianism include restricted or eliminated constitutional rights, state terrorism, and totalitarian rulers are known as ideological dictators. The government of Oceania, in the novel 1984, is an example of totalitarian society. Germany, under Adolf Hitler's National Socialism is another example of totalitarianism. Orwell's Oceania has both similarities and differences to the totalitarian states of the …show more content…
In the novel 1984, Oceania is depicted as a totalitarian state. Oceania can be both similar and different compared to totalitarian states of the twentieth century, one imparticular, Germany's National Socialism. Oceania and National Socialism are similar in several ways. A large part of the novel deals with the relationship between The Party and society. Many of the techniques used by The Party are similar to those used by Hitler. One of these ways, or techniques is propaganda. In Orwell's novel propaganda was used through telescreens in everyone's homes, which was a very easy way to broadcast the views and beliefs of The Party as well as control what the citizens of Oceania watched and listened to. Another form of propaganda in the novel is by the means of posters and slogans. In this society it as impossible to go anywhere without seeing a poster of Big Brother and reading slogans such as "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" and "War is peace…Freedom is Slavery…Ignorance is Strength. Hitler was a big fan of propaganda and used it a great deal. During his reign, Hitler realized that he needed to get younger people involved in his conquest. He set up youth campus and youth organizations, as well as, segregated Universities and made instruction in racial science and theory mandatory. This made the younger generations of Nazi Germans feel like part of the struggle.

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