History And Research Methods Of Developmental Psychology Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to briefly look at the history and research methods of developmental psychology, how it is applied today in empirical studies, and explore my current career path in this field. Developmental psychology is a sub-field of psychology that began in the late 19th century due to an increased interest in the development of children. Two relevant developmental psychology theories are Lev Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory and Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Theory of Development. Developmental psychologists utilize various research methods such as observation and archival research to help them answer questions and gain a better understanding of how and why children and adults change over time. Two empirical studies show that developmental psychology and research helped researchers and the public become more aware of the importance of promoting self-esteem and confidence in children as well as the detrimental effects of child abuse. Studies like these are necessary for the wellbeing of all people, especially children. One of the career options in the field of developmental psychology is Preschool Director. This paper describes and lists the skills and education necessary to be successful in this position as well the steps I have taken to obtain these skills.
Psychology is a multidimensional discipline that is diverse and made up of many sub-fields such as Developmental Psychology. According to the American Psychological Association “The study of developmental…

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