History And Prevalence Of The Criminal Act Of Property Destruction

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The purpose of this research is to show the full range of history and prevalence of the criminal act of Property Destruction. Property damage is damage to or the destruction of public or private property, this would either be by an individual who is not the owner or by some act of nature. This kind of criminal act may include harm to an automobile, a fence, a tree, a home, or any other personal possession. Lastly, the act of property destruction can be classed as an act of God from weather, earthquake, tornadoes, and other natural phenomena. Throughout my research paper I will review my topics statutes, penalties, history, incidence, prevalence, trend over time, and consequences of property destruction to give you a incite view on the crime of property destruction. I will also examine the scope of the crime by giving you details about the liability of a person an if that person has the complicity, corporate, and vicarious for committing this act of crime. In the literature review, it will revolve around research about the characteristics of person who commits these act, the reasons for it, as well as the predictors for this crime becoming too violent.


When an individual is convicted of property destruction it means that he or she caused damage to or destruction of a person’s public or private property. This can be caused by either a person who is not its owner or by natural phenomena. If the crime is caused by persons, it is…

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