History And Its Impact On The Past Essay

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It was the Spanish Philosopher, George Santayana, who said that, those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and that statement is undoubtedly truer than perhaps ever before. With our technological innovations far more innovative than our ancestors ever imagined, our reach into history is more prevailing. May it be archival data, works written by historians, running records, or even people’s accounts of what ensued during an event, we now have the tools to accumulate and examine them all. So, with this great power, it should be unquestionable that our sense of duty to remember the past is more prodigious today than ever before. Yet, we have many people who choose to omit numerous parts of history from their recollections or lessons because of how reprehensible and revolting those parts of history actually were. Our group found that, not only is denying student and yourself of the truth of the past wrong, but it happens far too often, particularly when dealing with the history of Africa and what transpired there from precolonial history to today. So we developed a game that challenges players in a charming and exhilarating way. Our game, The Scramble for Africa, challenge players to relive and role play as both the colonizers and the colonized of Africa in order to experience the history of Africa for themselves. Alarmingly, many people do not recognize or appreciate Africa’s significance to the international community. For many people, the Africa that…

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