Essay on History And Its Effects On The World

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History seems to flow in a loop, seemingly invincible civilizations rising and falling to dust in the blink of an eye, emphasizing how easy it can be to get caught in the unavoidable cycle of political turmoil and economic depression. With Rome, we saw how increasingly futile wars and conquests drained the resources of the empire, until angry mobs were stampeding the streets and the barbarians ransacked the city. In a more recent nation, the Soviet Union, the whole world watched in shock as it collapsed, the rot in it’s political system finally breaking down the supposed unity and cohesion of the nation. The Aztecs lost powerful allies in the fight against the Spanish due to their harsh sacrificial system, and it too joined the ranks of fallen societies. All of these were once powerful civilizations, considered infallible, that managed to fall prey to the loop of history. While issues were present in all these societies, there were three common traits that kept recurring near the time of their decline: excessive military spending, internal political corruption, and religious influences on politics and the economy in a society.
The first common trait found at the fall of a society was the fact there there were wars and, as a result excessive military spending. This issue can be seen in Ancient Greece. With the constant wars, the Greece’s economy was heavily taxed and the money of the people decreasing due to the constant fighting. Eventually it was taken over by the…

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