History And Findings Of Behaviorism Essay examples

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Behaviorism is the science of behavior that focuses on observable behavior only, according to White and Ciccarelli (2010). The history and findings of this perspective of psychology date back to the early 1900s (White & Ciccarelli, 2010). However, the modern representation of behaviorism differs from when this perspective was first founded (White & Ciccarelli, 2010). Furthermore, research is where the ideas of behaviorism are comprised and compiled. In order to understand the behaviorism perspective, one needs to consider the history and findings, the modern representation, and the research. History and Findings
The findings of behaviorism are an important part of the history. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist who worked with dogs to study if reflexes, or involuntary reactions, are caused by an unrelated stimulus (White & Ciccarelli, 2010). The way Pavlov conducted this experiment was he would turn on a metronome and give the dogs food making the dogs salivate (White & Ciccarelli, 2010). After a few repetitions, the dogs would salivate to the sound of the metronome before being exposed to the food, a learned reflexive response called conditioning (White & Ciccarelli, 2010). Following this study John B. Watson, a psychologist in the early 1900s, wanted to bring psychology back to the focus of science (Moore, 2011). With this said, he tried to ignore “consciousness,” focusing solely on directly observable behavior that could be measured (Arturo, 2013). The…

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