Historical Period Of Ferdinand Magellan

The historic period of exploration started in the 1400s. Many navigators are known for exploring parts of the globe. Christopher Columbus is known for discovering the Americas in 1492 . Jacques Cartier found Canada by sailing up the ST Lawrence river and claimed it for France in 1534 . Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered Brazil in the 1500s . The main reason these explorations started was to find direct trade routes to Asia. They were looking for Asia because at that time it was the land of spices and precious stones. Spices were some of the most valuable possession that a wealthy individual could have. Spices were only affordable by the wealthy people of the population. A kilo of spices would be more expensive than its weight in gold.

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The Muslims would sell their goods to the Italians who would then resell the goods to the rest of Europe at a very high price. The countries then sent their fleets to go and find trade routes. The navigator that I have chosen to discuss about is Ferdinand Magellan.

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal in 1480 . He sailed for both Spain and Portugal. During his time with the Portuguese he took part in expedition to India and other expeditions around Africa showing his allegiance to the King manual of Portugal spending eight years trying to create a permanent Portuguese presence in India. In an expedition to Morocco he was injured in hand–to-hand fighting, leaving him with a permanent limp. Ferdinand also had a disagreement to do with Ferdinand’s pension. Therefore he then enlisted to sail under the Spanish king Charles the first .
Ferdinand proposed to the king to find a way to the Moluccas islands by going around the south
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Magellan set off from Sanlúcar de Baremada, Spain on the August 10, 1519 . Magellan commands the lead ship the Trended, which was a sturdily built caravel, which was accompanied by the San Antonio, the Conception, the Victoria and the Santiago . Which where large merchant ships called carracks. Magellan reached South America in a little over a month. They sailed very close to South America trying to find a strait, which would permit them to pass through South America. The fleet stopped their journey for a while at Port San Julian where the crew mutinied on Easter day in 1520. Magellan sorted this problem by executing one of the captains and leaved another captain behind. One ship was ordered to look at the route ahead but got shipwrecked in a terrible storm. The ships crew members where saved and distributed through the other four ships. On October 21, 1520 Magellan found the strait that he was looking for. That strait was named after him and the strait f Magellan is in the very south of South America. The trip through the strait was very treacherous and cold considering how close to the Antarctica. During this trip one of the ships turned back and went back to Spain.at that point there where only three of the original five ships that had left Spain on the 10 of August 1519 . 1 month in the strait they reached the end of the strait and saw what Magellan called Mar Pacifico for the calm

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