Historical Interpretation Essay

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Historical Interpretation Essay: Luke 13:23-24
This essay will provide historical interpretations from various theologies on bible verse Luke 13:23-24. As many different theologies can provide different interpretations, chosen for this essay will be the theological works from the Sacra Pagina Series, Anchor Bible Passages, and Commentary on Matthew, Mark, Luke Volume 1 by John Calvin. The verse reads as: “Someone asked him, Lord, are only a few people going to be saved? He said to them, strive to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.” (International Bible Society, 725)
The Sacra Pagina series presents a challenge to the commitment of the readers to Luke as the author of his
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In the Matthean counterpart, Jesus refers to two gates and two paths that lead toward either life or destruction. “The Lucan form speaks only of “a narrow door” and it is linked to vv. 25-27a by catchword bonding; both have to do with a “door.” Luke may have modified his source to create this bond.” (Fitzmeyer, 1021) However the door is verse 25 differs from the one referenced in verse 24, as many “certainly do not seek this door” (Fitzmeyer, 1021) due to the fact the door referenced in verse 25 is locked. Jesus is questioned on his way to Jerusalem by many of those who are to share the salvation promised within the kingdom. “Are only a few to be saved? The question comes out of a background belief among Palestinian Jews that “all Israelites have a share in the world to come” (m.Sanh 10:1)” (Fitzmeyer, 1022) Rather that answer the question directly, Jesus leaves the power to provide that answer to God himself about how the many will find salvation. Rather than provide the answer, Jesus emphasizes that human beings will have to exert a bountiful effort in order to get in. Another consideration is added from verse 24b, as to there are many that will attempt to enter and not succeed. The explanation of that comes from later verses that those will try to get in but for them it will be too late. “Jesus hints at the traffic-jam situation before the narrow door, but continues that the door may be found to be closed before such persons

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