Historical Analysis : Cultural Analysis Essay

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Feminist historical analysis is the process of closely examining historical and archival texts and materials in order to better interpret connections, themes, and people in the past. The materials examined may include records, books and novels, journals and diaries, letters and personal correspondence, newspapers, and documents. A specifically feminist historical analysis seeks to unearth forgotten stories of marginalized populations, often women or queer people (Schweighofer). Unlike standard historical analysis, feminist historical analysis may utilize non-traditional source material that requires a close reading for hidden subtext. This method also involves a re-interpretation of history by using a lens of feminist theory in order to reframe representations of women, gender, femininity, or LGBTQ identity (Schweighofer). Historical analysis may also seek to include the voices, when possible, of populations with epistemic authority but who lack(ed) epistemic privilege (Naples 21). Projects that revolve around finding lost histories can benefit from this type of analysis because feminist historical analysis and standpoint theory center the experiences of oppressed, marginalized, and silenced groups. Thus, feminist historical analysis positions these histories as worthy of scholarship when traditionally they had been ignored or sidelined. The application of a feminist lens expands the potential of historical analysis method by focusing upon less considered populations…

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