Hispanic Struggles in American Schools Essay

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Challenges Faced by Hispanic Students in American Schools and How Schools Can Address Identified Needs

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Abstract The United States Hispanic population continues to increase each year. In turn, school populations of Hispanics increase as well. Hispanics, although improving academically, continue to have high school dropout rates, higher than other racial and ethnic groups and continue to lag behind school peers. The discrepancy between Hispanic students and other students’ achievement is the result of many factors, including acculturalization, language acquisition, poverty, and school factors. Schools
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4). Poverty compounds the problem of education. Fry suggested, “Improved educational attainment for Latinos is a key requirement for their overall, long-term economic success” (Fry, p. iv). Due to economic hardship, Hispanic youth drop out of school but tend to be relatively successful in comparison to white and black youth. However, their higher earnings are because they work longer hours. “Fifty-six percent of Hispanic high school dropouts hold jobs, in comparison to forty-nine percent of white dropouts” (Fry, p. 4). Working students are less likely to complete homework which directly impacts their progress in school. In addition to dropping out of school, as shown in Table 1 in The National Center of Education Statistics Report, 40 percent of Hispanics leave school prior to high school graduation, 35 percent of Hispanics are held back at least one grade, and 47 percent of Hispanics are over-aged at grade 12 (2010). These statistics suggest the future continuance of poverty of Hispanics due to lack of basic educational attainment which limits the qualification for higher waged jobs. In terms of educational attainment, there is no evidence to suggest that male Hispanics are faced with more challenges than Hispanic females; however, female Hispanics tend to drop out of school due to pregnancy and the dropout rate for Hispanic boys is higher than all US students

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