Hispanic American Diversity Essay

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Hispanic American Diversity

For many people, it is a frequent misunderstanding that all Hispanics are the same. Instead, there are many different groups that make up the Hispanic group. While many similarities do exist among the Hispanic groups, it is their dissimilarities that set them apart from one another. The compilation of data in this paper will demonstrate the linguistic, social, economic, religious and familial conventions and statuses among Mexican Americans, Cubans, Guatemalans and Puerto Ricans residing in America. Mexican Americans could possibly be one of the most universally known groups of Hispanic origin residing in the United States. According to the Encarta Encyclopedia (2008), “The Mexican American population
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They work long hours, in the worst conditions, and receive diminutive pay. It is because of this that Mexican Americans have been migrating north to find stable jobs instead of just working “season” from November to April. In turn, it has been common to work landscaping and other agricultural jobs during summer months. They take jobs such as being a janitor, a waiter, or dishwasher during the rest of the year (Samora, 2008).
Traditionally, the mother is the fundamental figure among Mexican American households. However, due to being lower social class, now it is ordinary for both parents to work to help provide finances for the family.
Puerto Ricans are another well known group amongst Hispanics. Like the Mexican Americans, this group also follows the Roman Catholic church, but with higher rates of people worshipping Protestant faith of many different assortments. As one may know, Puerto Rico was established as part of the United States, but with strong autonomy. As Derek Green (2008) says, “Puerto Rico is unique in that it is an autonomous Commonwealth of the United States, and its people think of the island as ‘un estado libre asociado’, or a free associate state of the United States”. Puerto Rico has its own constitution but is still subject to all the rules and regulations of the executive orders of America. Due to this, many debates in politics arise. The nationalists are the political group that believes in following all

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