His114 - Economic, Social, and Political Change Worksheet Essay

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Economic, Social, and Political Change Worksheet

Agricultural Revolution

Respond to each of the following questions in two to three sentences:

1. What are the three most important factors contributing to the agricultural revolution in Europe?

- Warmer temperatures made it easier to farm and to travel to areas that provided great crop for the farmers of those times. - The three-field system made farming more efficient and easier to laborers which allowed farmers to farm much more of a variety of crops. - Better farm equipment increased productivity as well as changed the way laborers farmed.

2. How did the agricultural revolution change European society? Provide an example.
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Romanticism – Romantics, or artists, were involved in a deep sense of human freedoms. Individuals of this social standing were revered and looked very highly upon by others.

4. The role of women – Women started to take a foot in the work force of Europe. Cheap labor, “sweated labor” in homes was a popular way for employers to complete simple work tasks for cheap. Feminists also formed and started mass rallies and protests for wages and fair practices.

5. Science – Advances in science were an astounding part of life and a keen desire for society in these times. Queen Victoria inaugurated the first World’s Fair to showcase advances in many fields, including science.

6. Anti-Semitism – Hated for the Jewish population was alive and well during these times. Jews from Europe were granted civil liberties yet in some areas, like Russia, these individuals were not allowed to own land.

Western Political Change between 1815 and 1870

Write two to three sentences per concept about how each of the following changed in Western society between 1815 and 1914:

1. Liberalism – In the 19th century, liberalists pushed hard for the rights of the general people. Going as far as to abolish slavery in Europe as well as the United States, liberals became a more defined entity during this time.

7. Conservatism – The government and the authority figures drew tight strings on freedom of

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