Hiring Minimum Wage Essay

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Hiring federal minimum wage is a very controversial debate among society, this topic has many pros and cons. Minimum wage is the base pay, meaning no employer should pay their employees less, however having a low minimum wage allows motivation for employees to strive for the hourly rate raise. I am against hiring minimum wage because while it can increase the income for household it requires employers to divide their pay evenly among their employees; this may cost the jobs of several of the other employees causing more families to go into poverty. Arguments for minimum wage often claim it to be an effective method to change poverty for the better. If businesses are required by the federal government to pay their employees more then their employees should earn more income and many of them can get out of poverty. As humans our knowledge will tell us this is an anti-poverty tool. However, studies have shown this to be incorrect; after being studied by many economists in several different trials we have come to the shocking conclusion that changing minimum wage would have little to …show more content…
This has been a burden on several small businesses causing more job loss than ever. Personally I disagree with hiring minimum wage because I currently resign in a small town and work within the fast food industry. My employer hired me at $7.25 an hour, she had made me aware of the opportunities to higher my pay. This motivated me to show more initiative, determination and influence me to try my very best a t work; I strongly believe that having a minimum wage at $7.25 an hour allows employers to reward and motivate their employees. According to Heritage.org (Sherk, 2007), an increase on minimum wage is often debated using poverty, many who are for hiring minimum wage will argue that the amount of families living in poverty will decrease; this is not the

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