Hip Hop's Negative Effects On Children

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Hip Hop is one of the most popular things kids and teenagers listen to. While hip hop might be fun and exciting to listen to it can easily have a major negative effect on the minors who listen to it. Some children listen to rap music all day and everyday. Also some children really take Hip Hop seriously and know how to enjoy it responsibly; but some do not act mature with this particular type music. The content that is in Hip Hop affects a child's actions, language and view on women.
Hip hop can influence a child actions dramastically. According to article, ”The media companies promote the most outrageous stereotypes of violent, vicious", (SaeNgian). This quotes demonstrates how this music promotes the bad society. Many children take away the lyrics of these song and put them into action. Most young adults get involved in gang related things because of the influences of the
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In hip hop they do not make women feel good about themselves . According to article, "Black girls are not seeing positive images of who they are and what they can be," said Carolyn West, associate professor of psychology and the study of prevention of violence at the University of Washington. "Looking at the sexual imagery really impacts on the functioning of teenage girls” (West). Little boys who listen to the music start to call women out of their name. Many young females think that they have to act or dress or even dance a certain way to be cool. Most hip hop songs praise strippers and women acting out of character.
While hip hop has some negative aspects to it, but there all some good ways that hip hop is a good thing. Some rap music is influential in some cases. Also hip hop does not always be a bad influence on everyone. Some young people can just listen to hip hop and not take it serious. Parents should take the responsibilities and monitor their children's music. Parents should talk to their kids and inform them about the music their kids listen

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