The Subcategory Of Gangsta Rap

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Introduction Over the year’s hip hop music has become a staple in society. Since the birth of hip hop many have toyed with the effects that hip hop has had the behaviors and lifestyles of its listeners. Many believed that hip hop gave was positive as the artists shared their many stories of life and experiences, while others believe that hip hop incites violence, promotes high risk sex, degrades women and glorifies gangs, drugs and dealers. On the contrary others believe that hip hop is an outlet to expressing feelings about tough times in society and hardships they’ve faced growing up. It is safe to say that the perception of hip hop varies from person to person. The films Straight Outta Compton and Notorious focus exactly on these …show more content…
The 1990’s ushered in the popularity of “Gangsta Rap”. Although artists who focused on social issues continued to make music, Gangsta rap started to achieve mainstream success. Gangsta rap is described as a sub-genre of rap music which is a subcategory of hip hop music.Gangsta rap is easily recognized from other rap forms because it speaks mostly about an urban setting. (Haugen, 2003) explains that he observes in the music that the imagery of gangsta rap includes selling and use of illegal drugs, the use of guns on people, various sorts of crime including but not limited to murder, armed robbery and pimping. (Haugen, 2003) ensures that he mentions that these activities do not only occur in urban areas but these areas are the ones described in the lyrics. In a male dominated industry women often do not receive fair play. In gangsta rap it would be uncommon to hear from a woman because of how they are portrayed. Gangsta rap has been known to promote misogyny. In most music videos women are seen dancing around in little to no clothes while rappers recite the lyrics that often are demeaning to women. In the article (Haugen, 2003) the author speaks about three women who changed the dynamic of gangsta rap. Lil Kim, Mia X and the Lady of Rage all took gangsta rap and put their own spin on it. The women using the same vulgar language as men made so some uncomfortable. The author goes on …show more content…
In addition to the music, our films, fashion, art and politics is influenced by hip hop culture. The author (Boyer, 2016) acknowledges that the hip-hop culture has become a respected field of study. Universities are beginning to add classes on the subject. Various author have written books on the subject which allows librarians in both private and public libraries to assist researchers with gaining knowledge on the subject. Hip hop has made a big presence nationally. Aside from making music hip hop artists have been making themselves household names in other ways. The author mentions Nicki Minaj’s body is a common topic of discussion, QuestLove leads the Tonight shows band, Kendrick Lamar held a concert alongside the National Symphony Orchestra and the biggest mark was Kanye West announcing his future bid president. (Boyer, 2016). The influence that these artists have today have led politicians to partner with them in hopes of becoming victorious, particularly President Barack Obama. The author (Richmond, 2013) writes informatively of the 2008 campaign of President Obama. In 2004 following his speech at the Democratic National Convention he received an overwhelming following, most of whom wanted him to put in his bid for president. In 2006 Barack Obama met with rap star Ludacris discussing the artist’s youth/AID “kick me” campaign, this campaign was developed to promote HIV/AIDS awareness to inner city

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