Hinduism Temple Visit Personal Experience Reflection Essay

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Hinduism is a religion of religions; it is one of the first as we know it. It isn't just a religion however, it is a way of life. A culture that India has been known for having. I have discovered that Hinduism is so much more than a religion or a culture. As a matter of fact it is a way of being; a way of life. Hinduism has been a journey for me and it all came alive through the need to write this paper. When I first met up with my host, Devi, I noticed her garments right away. She had her hair down with silver earrings a shirt that looked like Indian garb. It was White with golden inlay. It was beautiful! She wore beige leggings and dark flats. Devi had bracelets on both of her wrists too. On her left wrist, there was a thick …show more content…
Soon after, we came upon a box of idol gods. These idols didn't have the brass plaques like the other idol god statues, but instead had a paper trifold in front of each statue. I learned that these idols represented the gods of the universe; one for each of the nine planets in our solar system. The Sun was the center statue. We went around just once, but it was mentioned to me that when praying to the gods of the universe, we would normally go around nine times. We continued on to the end of a long line and waited to see the idol of Shiva. While in line, there was a shaman or guru of some kind, who passed out two almonds to each of us in line, blessing them along the way. I 'm not quite sure of the significance of the almonds, but I decided to take it at face value. There was no need to wait for a particular time to enjoy these almonds, and it's not required that you eat them either. As we entered into the shrine for the alter of the goddess Shiva, I noticed that as others were leaving, they wouldn't turn and walk out; they would touch a few chakra points and walk out backwards. While walking backwards, they would take a step, then kiss their hand and touch each step as they left it. Once they were out of the shrine, they would then turn and leave. At this point, two of the alters were being redecorated. Devi brought my attention to it, as they would say a mantra, kiss the flower or fruit, then

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