Hinduism : A Religion Of Many Festivities Essay

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Hinduism: a religion of many festivities
Hinduism is one of the most widely practiced religions around the world. As any religion, Hinduism has numerous holidays and festivals that are honoured publicly and by many. These festivals are complex and wonderful and will be explained in great detail. First off, before going further into Hindu festivals, it would be beneficial to shed some light on Hinduism itself. Other than in India, Hinduism is the religion of around 2 billion people in Great Britain, Canada, the Caribbean, the United States, Australia and East Africa (Narayanan, V., 2006). Originating from India five thousand years ago, it is now a world wide practice. Hindus – a term rooting from “Sindhu”, the river of Indus” – did not always use that word to describe themselves that way since it had more of a geographical aspect to it. When the British colonized India, the term “Hinduism” came to be. Many Western academics believe that Indo-Europeans peacefully migrated to Central Asia in 2000 B.C.E. and other academics believe that migration happened in 1600 B.C.E. Indo-Europeans spoke in a language called Sanskrit, now a language no longer spoken, that helped create various poems on ceremonies and philosophies, passed on orally from generation to generation. These poems (or Vedas) were made into mnemonic devices (or mantras) to make sure of proper pronunciation, utterance and rhythm. For example, the sound “AUM” symbolizes “the trinity of God in Brahma (the creator),…

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