Essay about Hindu Mythology : The Bindi Or Pottu

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Conventionally round and red, the bindi or pottu has been worn in various ways while adorning the foreheads of married Hindu females for centuries. Traditionally made from ground red turmeric or saffron and adorned between the eyes, technology has allowed pottu wearers to have more choice as they can now purchase the pottu in the form of a sticker. The pottu, in this contemporary period, has taken on cross-cultural value as an ornament and superseded its traditional purposes by being something worn by non-Hindus and individuals not of Indian descent from all around the world. Originating from the Hindu religion, the pottu is adorned between the between the eyes of a woman. The location between the eyes is said to be the residing place of the third eye that represents wisdom and the center point of concentration at the Ajna chakra or third eye (Sanskriti). The pottu’s placement between the eyes is to cool the Ajna Chakra and relieve tension from that area, as it is also believed to be the center point of migraines and stress. Within Hindu mythology, the Ajna Chakra is a spot where many gods and goddesses would destroy evil or create other gods and goddesses (Ma Durga;Tortora). The most ancient ingredients used to create the pottu, such as saffron, turmeric, and sandalwood were used as they were believed to be a cooling agent to the heat and tension created within the Ajna Chakra, and to incite blood flow and increase the fertility of a woman. Cohesive to Hindu and ayurvedic…

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