`` Hill Like White Elephants `` By Ernest Hemingway Essay example

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Ernest Hemingway is the well-known author around the World. When people talk about Hemingway, they always talk about the Iceberg Theory, which is the most significant when the readers recognize in his works’ style. “Hill Like White Elephants” is one of the well-known short stories which shows to people clearly the Iceberg Theory . In the story, Hemingway uses symbol and short sentences of conversation in order to make the different arguments about the definition of love and happiness between the man and the woman.
In “Hill Like White Elephants”, people can see clear that there are two main characters: the man and the women who are waiting for the train. In the story, Hemingway uses a lot of short sentence for the conversation between the man and the woman through the third person who look into the story . The short sentences and symbols from the beginning to the end of the story allow us to see the insightful way of using the Iceberg theory of Hemingway. The conversation starts when the main characters are waiting for the train. At the beginning, there are no further of normal conversation of the lovely couple when they drink beers . After that, they changed the story that the man tried to persuade the woman doing something which is the key point of the story. The woman strongly refused that idea, and the man pushed her until she said: “would you please please please please please please please stop talking” (98). And when the man was still talkative , the woman…

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