Hill Godspeed Works At The National Museum Of Naval Aviation Essay

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Hill Godspeed works at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, Florida as a historian. He has written many articles that have been published in scholarly journals such as Naval History, Naval Aviation News, and the Journal of Military History (Balano 217). Clearly, Godspeed is an expert on the topic of naval aviation. I personally chose Hill Godspeed’s article “Doyle’s Dauntless Dory: USS Nassau and the Evolution of Carrier-based Close Air Support” because the topic of close air support caught my attention. I had heard and read stories about aircraft carriers, but never about amphibious assault ships so I figured I could learn something interesting. In this article, Godspeed supports and argues the role that the U.S.S. Nassau, and Commander Doyle, played in the pioneering and advancement of carrier-based close air support and argues in favor of the benefits of it. Godspeed also examines the details leading up to the commissioning of the U.S.S. Nassau and issues that came with the development of World War II and its effect on the need for close air support. In addition, he addresses counterarguments that arose during the time period before the use widespread use of carriers. The author sufficiently follows this history and presents it mostly in a story format that is fairly easy to follow. The article was effective in arguing the importance that the U.S.S. Nassau had in carrier-based close air support; and in arguing why close air support was, and still is, an…

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