Essay on Higher Education Is A Luxury Commodity

1957 Words Dec 7th, 2016 8 Pages
Higher Education is a luxury commodity in our modern-day society that not many individuals around the world, let alone the United States, are lucky enough to have access to. That means that we shouldn’t squander this opportunity that has been presented before us; if we do as much then we fail all of the individuals that don’t possess the same privileges as us. So “how will we live” in a manner that will be beneficial to all and not throw away this winning lottery ticket that people such as myself are lucky enough to be born into? In order to figure out how we should live our lives, we need to look at the questions that need to be asked: “what does our current process of higher education ‘enable,” “who are the benefactors from higher education,” “what lessons might we be able to draw from the Native American perspective’s that we’ve encountered,” and “how do we locate ourselves in this enterprise?” In short, our education systems tend to favor and benefit themselves and the rich; they are only focused on the importance on profitability and monetary gain. It also acts as the means for upward mobility for the recipient of the education. In regards as to whom benefits, pretty much everyone within the society benefits to some degree no matter how negligible it may be. This discussion over who would profit or not has created a lot of opinions over the years. From these opinions, the Native American perspective’s on the discussion have the most to teach us about how we should…

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