Higher Education During America Review Essay

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Higher Education in America Review In Derek Bok’s latest book, he recognizes the fortes of the higher education system in America while pointing out the areas that are needed for improvement. Bok implements an agenda for change that he indicates has to come from within Higher Education institutions; academic leaders and faculty members, supported by accreditation bodies, need to take steps to collectively address the weaknesses that Bok finds in institutions.
The very first chapter we learn about how U.S. institutions of higher education (IHE) have evolved to what they are today. After debating the similarities and the differences among all of them, Bok explores equally strengths and weaknesses of these institutions.
“Universities have been especially slow to act. in improving the quality of undergraduate education.” While acknowledging that institutional educational change is slow and unwieldly, Bok claims that individuals and programs have shown impressive abilities to adapt rapidly, by adopting new fields of study, innovative research methods and discoveries, new forms of technology, and active and collaborative learning, but also expanding dramatically the inclusiveness of their faculty and student bodies. All of Boks arguments are supported by an enormous display of U.S. research. Bok highlights two areas in urgent need of improvement; increasing the percentage of students who graduate from college, which was a result of other countries surpassing the U.S in HE…

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