The Influence Of The Morrill Act

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Engineers were starting to become more educated over the years, and the Morrill Act helped to train them. There are always other ways to teach the engineering group about how to build bridges and roads that are successful, but Morrill made an act that was to help the expansion of the economy, and to improve industrialization of society. The reason why the Morrill act was created was because Morrill thought that people should “snatch their education, such as it is, from the crevices between labor and sleep” (Craig L. LaMay). Morrill also thought that “our country depends upon them as its right arm to do the handiwork of the nation…then, furnish the means for that arm to acquire culture, skill, efficiency” (Craig L. LaMay). This shows that Morrill cares about education, and that it is the basis for the background for the engineers. Without this education there would be no way for engineers to acquire skills and efficiency in their work. Instead they would have to learn through apprenticeships so that they could learn hands on skills about their job. This is why the Morrill act is beneficial to society, and helped our society to grow and improve the everyday engineer.
At the time that the Morrill Act was passed, there wasn’t really any response to the need for land to create space for colleges. The passage of the Morrill Act
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All of these levels were specialized for each person. And since Georgia Tech and the state of Georgia were in communist and salve country education was still difficult to start up. The technical training would help with social control and the release of class tensions, along with producing skilled personnel for industry. This is why the technical school helps society; it made successful engineers by training them in the trade that they wanted to be

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