Essay on High School Should Be Mandatory Free Or Reduced Lunch?

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When growing up every once in a while my family hit a rough patch financially, so my parents took every opportunity they could to minimize every day costs like school lunch. In many public school systems there is an option to apply for free or reduced lunch, typically aimed at low income families. For several years my mom was unemployed because of health issues so my dad was the sole source of income for my family of six. This made it difficult to pay for bills and basic necessities, along with making sure that my siblings and I had money to eat lunch at school. Multiple times my mom applied for my siblings and I to receive free or reduced lunch. We were candidates until we reached high school. We didn’t meet the requirements of the state to receive free or reduced lunch any longer in high school. Although, I didn’t like the food served at my high school, I could never wrap my head around this. How was did a simple application understand your personal financial needs. I do understand that there was no choice but to set some cut off point for aid such as this, however, to this day I still think about it sometimes. I don’t want to be that person that compares myself and my family’s financial problems to others, but I am anyways. I knew many people that “qualified” for this, however, I didn’t, even though my family had countless other financial responsibilities on top of paying for lunch at my high school, which was, by the way, a of minimum $4.25 a day. Ridiculous I know.…

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