High School, Home Of The Coyotes Essay

1147 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Madera High School, Home of the Coyotes is usually known for being “one big family”. At least that 's what most of the community believes, little does the community know it is not always that way. Bullying/harassment is not a huge problem at MHS, but is is there. The staff and students have taken the initiative in noticing that there is an issue with bullying/harassment, and have found various ways of letting the students know that they’re not alone and have someone to talk to if ever faced with bullying/harassment. Recently, students at Madera High School (MHS) have conducted surveys for both students and staff to understand and get more knowledge on the issue with bullying/harassment in the school. According to the student survey results, 37% of the students attending MHS were cyber bullied. Students that were a victim of bullying stated that they were not comfortable expressing their situation to staff members at Madera High School. Also, an overwhelming amount of students stated that they have harassed/cyber bullied someone on social media, claiming that they either felt it was necessary or just for fun. However, in the staff survey, the majority of them decided there are procedures that are in place when students facing harassment and bullying in or outside of school. The administration does a very good job with helping students become aware of bullying/harassment. Most staff members have reported or tried to help students that have been bullied or harassed. Some…

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