Essay on High School Exercise Science Class

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1. When asked to work in pairs for a group project for high school exercise science class, my partner (lets call her Jen for example purposes only) and I got into a very large conflict. It was a project that dealt with knee injuries in sport, and we both had to pick an injury and discuss the causes and rehab solutions for the injury as well as construct a bone joint model for the injury (we choose knee injuries). Jen was taking this course for fun and did not have past experiences with knee injuries. On the other hand, I was on several sports teams for the school and had knee injuries. Plus, I had been planning on going into kinesiology while Jen was going into math for university.

The conflict arose when I wanted to do most of the work in order to assure that we get the best mark possible, while Jen felt like I did not trust her. As the project commenced, she was doing several things incorrectly and I had to correct her so we would not have marks deducted. She took this as an offence that I did not like anything she did and we got into a huge argument. This conflict was resolved by working together on all the parts rather than splitting each section of the project. This way, my partner felt like she contributed equally, we could get some ideas from what the other person did not think of before, and we would finish the project correctly.

2. My contribution to the conflict was that I did not trust Jen to correctly finish her part of the project. I constantly corrected…

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