Essay on High School And College Students

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My first week of high school was horrible, I was the new kid that no one knew. It was the typical, “Ew, who is she and why is she here?” scenario. I just kept my eye on the prize…. graduating. Along the way I made amazing friends, learned a thing or two about the system of high school, and how very much different college life is. High school and college students are at the point where growing and changing academically is inevitable, because both high school and college could determine the future and success of becoming a member of society. During high school student’s social lives explodes being around so many people. I lived in my small town for almost all my life then my mother got remarried and we moved to a suburban area five hours away from my old friends. Being from a small town everyone from the high school knew everyone. Even though everyone knows each other that does not mean everyone is friends or talks. People know each other out of connivance if someone needs the homework from a class or needs a date for homecoming. Each student has a friend that they may carry with them through life or lose when college starts it all depends on how strong of the friendship really is. A social life isn’t just friends its getting out the house meeting new people. Most high school students do not get out unless it’s with friends. I did not make new friend right away at my new high school I stayed in my room away from the world I was not excepted into yet. By the middle of the…

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