Essay on High School And College Sports

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High school and college sports undoubtedly enrich a student’s life during their formative adolescent years. From creating irreplaceable relationships with teammates, to forming unforgettable memories, to perhaps winning a championship or two, it seems that the number of positive results that accompany the participation in athletics is infinite. However, there is a much more subtle, yet much more significant effect of being on a team. Playing sports as a young adult undeniably improves the likelihood of being successful in all aspects of life, both during the student’s career as an athlete and in his or her future endeavors. It is likely that the beneficial traits that are gained or refined through a commitment to a high school or college sports team contribute most considerably to the success that a former or current athlete encounters as they navigate through life. It is undeniable that many of the characteristics that are necessary to find success on the court, field, or track are also necessary to triumph in an educational and later, a professional, setting. One of the first encounters a youth has with playing sports at a relatively high level occurs upon their entrance into high school. I am inclined to say that by joining one of these competitive teams, a student gains a clear advantage when it comes to his or her success in secondary school. A study detailed in a document published by the National Federation of State High School Associations found that…

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