Essay on High Renaissance And Classicism Of Renaissance

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According to the Oxford dictionary of Art, the art historical category of Renaissance embodies the concept of rebirth applied to an intellectual and artistic movement that begun in Italy in the 14th century and culminated there in the 16th century influencing meanwhile other parts of Europe in various ways. The term High Renaissance is instead applied to the brief period between 1500 and 1520 in which we can see the fulfillment of all the ideals the painters had pursued since Giotto .
Given the variety of opinions and publications on the subject, to avoid a prolix and generic reflection on High Renaissance, I would like to focus my analysis on the idea of High Renaissance as classic style and verify if this style is to be found in the works of Raphael and Michelangelo.
Why art historians are convinced that the relationship between artists/scholars and classical culture reached its greatest expression between 1500 and 1520? Firstly, humanism was one of the most pervasive traits of renaissance period ; the knowledge of both Latin and Greek was, in fact, a fundamental characteristic of every humanist. Secondly, this relationship can be framed within the wider theme of the Renovatio Urbis that aimed at the renewal of the grandeur of ancient Rome; the ancient city and its culture were in fact seen as the legitimate forerunners of the Rome of the Christian era. Julius II first and Leo X after are the two main promoters of the revival of the…

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