High Prevalence Of Health Disparities Essay

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Have you seen any evidence of health disparities in your workplace or in your personal life? Have you witnessed any assumptions or stereotypes regarding the behaviors of people who are impoverished?
This chapter is definitely thought provoking. I found it mind blogging to read about such a high prevalence of health disparities among minorities, Hispanics and African American. After experiencing health disparities in India, I was under the notion that its only prevalent in developing countries. It was distressful to learn and experience the segregation of healthcare services in America. In developing country, healthcare services are based on out-of-pocket payment. The clients with higher socioeconomic status (SES) can afford expensive healthcare services as compared to those from lower SES who are forced to receive care from poorly funded government hospitals. My uncle was a victim of injustice in healthcare system, he had heart attack and our family was unable to gather sufficient funds for his bypass surgery which resulted in mortality.
I have observed some evidence of health disparities at my workplace. I agree with Mayer-Oaks, et. al (1992) & Allen, Scott, Steward and Young (2004) who found disparities in referral to occupational therapy, physical therapy and Cardiac rehabilitation). The clients who have Medic-aid or commercial insurance are only approved for couple of therapy sessions due to financial liability or insignificant improvement in the client’s…

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