High Enough Quality Child Care Essay

987 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
There was curiosity on whether the global quality in Greek preschool and infant/toddler classrooms was of high enough quality child care in providing enriching developmental skills so an article was written on the case study, Using the ACEI Global Guidelines Assessment to Evaluate the Quality of Early Child Care in Greek Settings. A case study research done by NICHD Early Child Care Research Network 2003 shows that the outcomes for child’s development is related great to the quality of care received, even though that extent of child care is a great factor as well as balance of providers, and which type of setting it may be play a great role the quality of care is what dominos down to the child development. The care a child received in their early child stage and any means of education influence is the root to the development as it branches off to their permanent developmental influence throughout life.
This one aspect links to many outcomes of the child’s cognitive, social, and health outcomes as said by Ceglowski and Bacigalupa 2002. It is well said that the superiority of care in the early childhood stage correlates exactly with their educational outcomes in the future. Global concern has risen over the last decade of the quality care children receive because there is more being discovered on how it correlates to educational outcomes but in Greece it is not alarming anyone yet. There are many assessments done around the globe to ensure good quality child care such as ACEI…

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