Hidden Lived Of Lakes By Gina Ochsner Essay

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The short story, “Hidden Lived of Lakes” by Gina Ochsner, indicates the Western beliefs of Christianity. The story reflects on the Christian believes of death, focusing on whether or not people should fear death. The symbol in the story portraying death equates to the hole Luba and her group create in the ice. The hole defines the gateway to the underworld, a place in where souls go after they die. Mysterious voices come from underneath the ice calling out to Luba, sparking her curiosity of finding out what goes on under the ice and the source of the voices she hears murmuring. She then encounters the source of the voices coming from the ice; they began to comfort her soul as she seeks for happiness. In the end, she comes to the decision to take her own life by jumping into the hole in the ice she helps create. Luba allows the water to absorb her soul due to the desperation of finding happiness, which causes her fear of death to fade away, as well as leaving everything she lived when trying to accomplish happiness. Happiness: the image of a perfect life without suffering, or subsequent shame for one’s appearance.
Luba and her group go to the lake seeking the source of the voices and create a hole in the ice. Although their conscious say no, their curiosity says yes. Luba, Glasha, and Oleg recognize the dead people and items they lost from their town. Luba also notices odd about the water and she begins to examine it. “…Luba notices straight away… the water isn’t grainy and…

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