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HHS 460 Entire Course
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HHS 460 Week 3 Final Paper Outline
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You will need to create a description of the phenomena – the core issue or objective upon which you will focus.
Examples of topics (core issues) would include:
§ Community care of mental patients. Discover different examples of community care and their impact on mental patients.
§ Continual support for returning veterans. Determine program success in helping veterans enter the job market.
§ Human services personnel and their values regarding working with senior citizens. A values clarification assessment.
§ Retardation and success out-of-school. A review of successful programs working with younger retarded clients achieving employment.
§ Increased incidents of homeless individuals at odds with community rejection. More and more communities are passing laws restricting the homeless asking for money. What are the trends and examples of the laws?
2) Identify the components, attributes, or different segments you will write about in your discussion.
The research report can pose problems or hypotheses, but does not actually document what was done to address the problem / hypothesis from a research prospective, but can be answered by examining research “studies” that were done on the concept. In some ways, the research report can be considered a meta-analysis.
The following steps should be followed:
§ Identify the concept or HHS program to be studied. The concept can

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