Hess Essay

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The Hess Corporation is a leading pioneer in the energy industry sector, which conducts Marketing and Refining (M&R) as well as Exploration and Production (E&P) operations in 23 countries. They have a concentrated focus in the exploration, production, purchase, transportation, and sale of crude oil and natural gas as well as markets refined petroleum products, natural gas, and electricity. This company owns thousands of Hess gas stations, which include small convenience stores or Dunkin Donuts stores, throughout the East Coast of the United States to hundreds of thousands of acres of land in the North Dakota Bakken oil shale play. Internationally, Hess Corporation owns many other hundreds of thousands of acres in land where they …show more content…
Second, on the management side of things, Hess has good policies, procedures, and systems. Third, Hess has excellent carbon accounting.
In the energy industry, it has become a social responsibility of these major organizations to make strides toward becoming environmentally conscious; however, investors need to understand that these types of changes cannot happen overnight. For example, the energy industry cannot stop fossil fuels overnight. If they did, society would have trouble getting around because at present, there is no major infrastructure in place to sustain an environment for electric, hybrid or hydrogen cars.
The rankings point to Hess’s investment in fuel-cell technology and although Exxon Mobil is accussed of some things, they are also commended for its work on biofuels, lithium-ion batteries, and plastics as well as for having "clear systems in place to drive innovation within the company, including long-term commitments to invest in new technologies and systems to identify innovation opportunities and energy efficiency improvements." The past year has seen a large amount of action and new trends to look out for the coming years. For example, the world learned plenty from the Fukushima crisis in Japan, the growth and demand of renewable energy has become a game changer, hybrid vehicles are on the

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