Joseph Campbell's The Hero With A Thousand Faces

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Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces portrays the hero as a character destined for greatness. But that raises the question of aren’t we all heroes in a sense? He acknowledges that the potential of a hero resides in every soul but fails to mention that everyone on earth is destined for greatness. Everyone is a hero in their own right and their own myth, their life, and each person makes choices that either aid or hinder their personal heroic quest, whether they are aware they are on one or not. Some may refuse the call and others will go willingly into the unknown to simply experience something new. One may eagerly step back into the mortal world and share their ultimate boon with humanity while others may seek to hide behind the …show more content…
“Prince Five-weapons answered without fear, but with great confidence in the arts and crafts that he had learned” (pg 70). The prince also brings to light another characteristic of the hero: the concern for one’s self. Each individual is can either think of themselves first or last on ultimate importance and Prince Five-weapons takes the stance that he is important to the universe as those were his beliefs and what he was brought up to think, “…when I entered this forest, I took only account of myself” (pg 70). Though the Prince seemed to be losing he continued the fight and even the ogre was forced to ask, “Youth! Why are you not afraid?” to which the prince answered, “Why should I be afraid? For in one life one death is absolutely certain” (pg 70). Prince Fie-weapons is able to simultaneously exhibit the ultimate goal of rebirth and the strength it takes to lean heavily on one’s beliefs. Joseph Campbell’s ideas and findings of the monomyth are absolutely correct. His outline of the heroic quest is one that every human being follows and reacts with. He only briefly states, however, that a hero is possible in all of us but the each person ultimately decides if they play the role of protagonist or antagonist in their own story. Each individual must and will make choices that will specifically impact the final success of their heroic journey and decide if they are one of the few who are immortalized in myth and

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