Heroism And Honor Saves Humanity Essay

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Heroism and Honor saves Humanity A hero, in modern day terms is “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities”, according to dictionary.com. There are many heroes in this world that people admire daily; everybody has a hero, it just depends on what you consider to be hero material. There were heroes centuries ago that were respected for the same qualities as today’s heroes are. The term hero has been established throughout many time periods and according to the distinctive characteristics that the two heroes spoken about in this paper possess, this is evident. Beowulf and Marine Corporal William “Kyle” Carpenter both have several characteristics, which will be compared and contrasted, that coordinate with the perception of what a hero is and that is why both individuals are heroes.
The first characteristic mentioned in the definition of hero above is “courage or ability”, and both men are very strong in that aspect. To start off, Marine Corporal Carpenter is a former Marine who endured injuries during a specific battle; his courage is what later on awarded him the Medal of Honor. At the time, Carpenter was deployed in Afghanistan where he encountered an ambush. The men ambushing him and another soldier were throwing grenades when one landed on the rooftop that he was assigned to. Once he noticed that there was a grenade, “Corporal Carpenter leaped between the explosive and his fellow Marine, absorbing the brunt of the blast…

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