Heroin And Other Opioid Drugs Essay

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In the United States there is an old and relentlessly growing problem. The distribution and usage of heroin and other opioid drugs has put the nation in a disturbing state of alarm dues to the rapid and growing death rate does to overdose of the drug. Cocaine is popularly thought to be the leading cause of drug related death, and in 1999 it was. Now there is a new statistic, heroin and opioid overdoses have become the leading cause of drug related death in the United States killing 10,574 people in 2014. While cocaine actually dropped and only killed 5.415 people in the same year. This is a 439% jump in heroin related deaths according to Chris and Dons article from PBS (2016). This rapidly growing cause of death is affecting the lives of many people. Young and old, white or colored, it doesn’t matter. Heroin has affected so many people, directly or indirectly.
The history behind the epidemic is a very important part to start understanding why it has happened the way it has. It was attacked very recently in the “War on Drugs” movement not too long ago and the repercussions of that movement still linger in this current generation. But before that, it was readily accepted or just plain ignored. David F. Musto, in a PDF states, “Over the past 200 years, Americans have twice accepted and then vehemently rejected drugs. Understanding these dramatic historical swings provides perspective on our current reaction to drug use” (1991). This statement rings true throughout the U.S. If…

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