Heroin Addiction : Growing Addiction Essay

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Heroin: Growing Addiction

When I saw that I was required to write a paper on a drug of abuse I knew instantly which drug I was going to select. Heroin. This drug has made a large impact on my personal life the past few years. In early 2014 my boyfriends’ uncle passed away due to the withdrawal of heroin, at the young age of twenty-six. He was not able to overcome the mental damage from the lack of heroin in his system and killed himself. After the incident my boyfriends’ younger brother, who was eighteen at the time, took up heroin to try and cover up his emotions of the loss. It has been an enormous impact on our lives and a struggle to assist him to give up the demon. The drug changed him from someone I loved to someone I wish I did not love. Within the past month or two he has been cleaning up his act and has been sober. Heroin has become more common throughout the years and plays a major role in our country, including Southwest Florida. It is wretchedly seen more in the news, from real stories to memes on social media. I have always wanted to know about heroin and hope by writing this paper it will assist me in better understanding the drug that has been a tussle in my families’ life the past three years

During the 18th century, physicians in the United States used opium as a therapeutic agent for cancer, spasms caused by tetanus and pain assistance during childbirth. Because physicians were not sure of the addictive chemicals in morphine they separated morphine…

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