Beowulf Qualities Of An Epic Hero

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In the story of Beowulf, he exhibits the qualities of a superhuman. This superhuman fights 3 different monsters for the good of the Danes and the Geats. The determined warrior described for his love of glory and his loyalty fights till the very end for his country. Displayed by courage seen that Beowulf shows different qualities from other soldiers and deserves the title of epic hero. The main protagonist has the attributes of an epic hero through his hero qualities, his weakness and the way he develops into a better hero throughout the poem.
Beowulf displays a vast number of heroic qualities throughout the poem as he overpowers the three monsters. The epic hero’s qualities become visual early and manifest that he will affect the outcome of the
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The once invincible man now realizes he has “no shame, with shield and sword and armor, against this monster… My hands calm: I need no hot Words. Wait for me close by, my friends. We shall see , soon, who will survive this bloody battle 635-6, 40-3)” knowing well that him dying stand as a strong possibility. The aged king changed in this moment due to his realization that he cannot defeat the dragon alone and needs his friends to protect his home. This proves that the monster slayer did not kill Grendel and his mother by cause of arrogance but rather for dignity and honor. At the end, the dying man in his last breaths praises God “for this, this gold, these jewels, I thank Our Father in Heaven, Ruler of the Earth- for all of this, that His grace has given me, allowed me to bring to my people while breath still came to my lips (816-20)” and told Wiglaf to lead his people. At this moment Beowulf is humbled and happy to give to his people one last time. The last thing the epic hero did exhibits him stepping away from his arrogance and abiding as an honorable

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