Heritage Assessment Tool: Evaluation of Different Cultures and Individual Views of Health

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Heritage Assessment Tool: Evaluation of Different Cultures and Individual Views of Health
Micaela Simon
Grand Canyon University
Family-Centered Health Promotion
Melanie Escobar RN MSN
August 31, 2012

Heritage Assessment Tool: Evaluation of different Cultures and Individual Views of Health

The Heritage Assessment Tool can be used as as a reliable tool to assess, health maintenance, protection and restoration of individual cultural beliefs. This evaluation helps meet the needs of different patient populations to provide quality holistic care. The purpose of this paper is to explore the Hispanic, Native American, Chinese, and the author’s own personal
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Hispanics may not readily seek care due to their folk system of healing, dependence on spiritual beliefs to aid in illness. Disease is believed to be consequences of God’s approval or disapproval of behavior (Eldeman &Mandle, 2010). Often times this belief will bring Hispanic patients to the emergency department in late stages of illness, requiring more invasive treatment. Having a strong belief in God and home remedies including, folk healers, Hispanics look to family and community for support and views on health and illness (Eldeman & Mandle 2010).
Cultural aspects common of the Native American population place great value of family and spiritual beliefs, believing that a state of wellness is based on being harmonious with nature and that illness being viewed as a imbalance between nature and the person Rhoades, 2009). Some common practices of Native American healing is the use of herbal remedies, purifying rituals, healers called shaman, to treat illnesses of both the body and spirit. Symbolic healing rituals, which can involve family and friends of the sick person, are used to invoke the spirits to help heal the sick person (American Indian Health, 2011).
Traditional Chinese health beliefs adopts a view of the importance of the environment and factors that increase the

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