Heritage Assessment : Cultural Heritage Essay

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The Heritage assessment tool includes personal ethnic, support system, living surroundings, eating habits, religion and cultural background. Different cultures have their own special traditions, which can inherit from generation to generation and consciously or unconsciously affect individuals. These concepts deal with person’s physical, mental and spiritual belief. Every individual has their own heritage, and this is very different among different cultures (Spector 2009). According to Culture in Development website, Cultural heritage can influence people in intangible or tangible approaches. Cultural Heritage is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values. The assessment can determine that a person has traditional heritage or not, in addition, through the traditional national culture, health care professionals can have a cultural background information about how do a person maintain health, protect health, and restore health, which offer the health providers the outline of a whole person. Heritage assessment is a sine qua none to approach the cultural competency.
The first person, whom I was interviewing, is from Thailand and now lives in America with kids and her husband. She is a devout Buddhist who believes ‘’karma’’, you get what you pay, so she is enthusiastic in participating religious activities, such as praying, diet and…

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