Hepatitis C Case Study

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When I was 20 I had my buddy. At my friend’s house. Laughing, giggling and joking, and clinking of beer bottles the sounds of the fun seemed to never stop. While they are pouring the liquid, I ask my buddies how it tastes because it smells awful. “Come on Nerissa, it’s not that bad, just give it a try,” my friend said. After a couple of shots, the sweet bitter taste of it makes me want to have more. Feeling tipsy, and slurry word started to get me. Despite the feeling of tipsy, sing and dance can be done without a shame because of my buddies. Around me everything seems spinning . But no one can stop me except, I had to run to the bathroom and put my head down on the toilet and vomit. Hooked on alcohol like other people including myself. But …show more content…
We thought it was from sexual intercourse, but he never goes with women. He just went out to buy alcohol with his friends, my mother-in-law said. (Mother and my brother-in-law live together with my niece). So the doctor explained that the hepatitis C is caused by the kidney damage or alcohol abuse and not always from sexual intercourse. One of the causes is inflammation of the kidney from alcohol abuse.
Nine days later, a miracle happens, Manuel finally wakes up from being comatose. Since then and until now he stays sober and it 's been 4 years after that tragedy. His liver finally healed up. I remember the doctor said there is no way to treat the liver, but it repaired on its own. Our family continuously supports him through a physical and emotional problem.
One year ago, Manuel got his new car. Now he enjoys going to Billings, Mt. not because he is hospitalized, but shops and watches the festivals and concerts. Whenever we talked to him, he told us that he is glad that he sober up and enjoy his life more than before. As he regrets when he contained himself with alcohol and hang out with his drinking buddies because he just wasted all the time he was

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