Automobile Industry In The 1900's

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In the late nineties the depression was killing the nation. People were out of jobs and had no money. The depression rose hunger, and bills. Men had felt like they had let down their families. They had always been the breadwinners of the family and without jobs even if they tried to get one it wasn’t guaranteed that they would have it the next day. Food was not guaranteed to be put on the dinner table. Jobs were picked at the very person who showed up but that wasn’t even promised since many did show but few were picked. But that all changed when the assembly line had come out.
The assembly line of Henry Ford came out in 1913. The need for skilled laborers was gone and out came the simple task that had taken over the industry. This was a problem
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Later on Henry had decided to quit his job at the Edison Company and later on that company had proceeded to go bankrupt because no cars had been sold. In the early 1900’s Henry decided his new job would be to race and sell cars. Henry had raced and made a world record in 1901 for the (39.4 second) mile over the ice of Lake st. Claire. Henry proceeded to open a company one last time and the company was called The Ford Motor company. The company only owned 25% of their business which was worth 28k, it had 3 owners that helped C.H Wills as a company assistant and the business acumen James …show more content…
Henry was told on the boat that the U.S might have to go into war with Germany. Henry quickly left the ship not wanting to get caught in the warfare of the war. In 1916 the U.S had declared war on Germany. Henry was angry because this meant he would lose sales on his Model T’s. Instead of being upset Henry decided to make submarines, planes, and many other vehicles for the U.S government this increased the assembly line and his money. Henry later modified the army vehicles and sold 15,000 tanks. Henry wanted to increase more money so he ended up being 10% of the Dodge’s stock in the

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