Henry Dumas Ark Of Bones Analysis

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Published posthumously in 1974
Written by Henry Dumas
Henry Dumas is an African-American writer, born in July 20th 1934 in Arkansas. He spend early years of his life at the same place and get influenced with the religious and folk traditions of that soil in his early childhood. Henry Dumas writings focus his extraordinary vision, unusual ways of observing things and last but not least, the intersectional believes of natural and super natural traits. In most of the writings of Dumas, his fundamental heroic vision of African-Americans existence is quite apparent. His first collection of short fiction is titled as "Ark of Bones and other stories" that was published in 1974.
In current story, he introduces a black African guy as Headeye, who believes to have some supernatural power as he possesses a mojo bone which is considered a well-known component of African superstitions. He believes the bone belongs to the people of God and he is the one who has been granted with
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Henry Dumas adapts this theme in a unique black idiomatic way. The story depends on the unique blend of African magical and Christian believes and creates the spiritualism which characterizes the black religion in the United States. Dumas’s combines the folk traditions of supernatural force to create a parable of the black experience in the United States. In the starting, it is somehow difficult to determine the nature of Headeye because so much of the story depends on a religious view of reality is taken literally a part of external reality. The notion of the dry bones is like little babies who combines the idea of the death of the black man in the United States with the promise that he will rise again and take his rightful place. Thus, the bones are scrupulously cared for with a concept as they will be incubating for a rebirth of black Africans in the United

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