Hemophilia Essay

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Hemophilia is a rare genetic bleeding disorder that causes the blood to clot abnormally. People born with hemophilia are lacking or have very clotting factor, which is the protein needed for blood to clot normally. The clotting factor works together with platelets to clot blood by helping the platelets to stick together and plug cuts on the vessel. This stops the bleeding. A person can have mild, moderate, or severe Hemophilia, depending on how much clotting factor they have. A person without Hemophilia has 100% of these clotting factors, while a person with severe Hemophilia has less than one percent. There are two main types of hemophilia: Type A and Type B. Type A, the more severe form of the disease, is caused when the individual
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The disease is more common in men, affecting approximately one in 5,000 each year. this is because the Hemophilia gene is only located on the X chromosome. Men have one X and one Y chromosome, which means that if the X chromosome has the faulty gene, they will be born with Hemophilia. Women, however, have two X chromosomes. They will only be born with Hemophilia if both X chromosomes have the bad gene. If only one has it, the woman becomes a carrier of the disease. This means that she doesn’t have the disease, but she is able to pass it on to her children. A female can be born with Hemophilia if her dad has it and her mom is a carrier of it. Although Hemophilia is a genetic disease, some males are born with it even if neither of their parents have it. This can happen when there is a mutation in the Hemophilia gene as it gets passed down to the …show more content…
It is important to follow the treatment plan that the doctor gives exactly and get checkups and vaccinations regularly. It is also best that the person informs their healthcare providers(doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, coach, etc.) that they have hemophilia. An individual with Hemophilia should know all of the signs and symptoms of the disease, as well as when it is necessary to go to the doctor or emergency room such as: very heavy continuous bleeding, limited motion, pain or swelling of the joints, or any signs of bleeding in the brain as these can be life threatening. When dealing with children who have hemophilia, it is best to inform them about the disease that they have, as well as put them in support groups. They should be protected with kneepads, elbow pads, and helmets when biking or doing similar activities. Remove furniture with sharp corners and keep sharp or dangerous objects out of reach to keep toddlers safe. Parents should be prepared for the child to bleed and keep an ice pack ready in the fridge at all times in case of emergency. If the child has mild bleeding in his or her mouth, a popsicle will work to control

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