Help Students Make A Better Vocabulary Learning Essay

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To help students make a better vocabulary learning 1) Get the connotative and extensional meanings of a word
The range of the meaning of English vocabulary is wider than those of Chinese vocabulary, so it is really hard to match Chinese words to English words one by one when we make a translation. Actually, a English vocabulary have different Chinese meaning in different contexts. For example: A. She is an excellent student and she speaks perfect English. B. She is so excellent that she failed in all exams this term.(ZhouLing&ZhangZhihua,1994-2008::39-40)
In the example above, we can see both of the sentences have the word “excellent” in the two sentences. And we can know that the first “excellent” means very good and outstanding. The speaking is praising her. It is a connotative meaning. But the second one is not praising her but criticizing her. It is a satire. It is an extensional meaning. The same word used in the two sentences expressed different meanings. Only we read the sentence and get the context, we could know the meaning of word.
2) Discriminate words of similar meaning
In English, there are a lot of synonymy and polysemy. It is necessary to set up a context to help students to make discrimination on them. Take an example of “listen” and “hear”, they got the similar meaning in Chinese. It seems that they are the same, but they get a subtle distinction. “Listen” emphasizes the action while “hear” emphasizes the result. And the “listen” is an…

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