Hegemonic Masculinities In Nerd Culture

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Understanding Hegemonic Masculinities in Nerd Culture

In this essay I will explore the theory of hegemonic masculinities in relation to two texts, the first being the theoretical framework in the book chapter Understanding Men on Television (Lotz), then I will show how this theory of hegemonic masculinities plays out in Your Princess is in Another Castle; Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds (Chu). The ideas of hegemonic masculinities can be understood in relation to what it means to be apart of the dominant groups within nerd culture, as well as what power is then awarded to you because of this status. The effects on society because of this can be widely noted, with particular examples of ‘maleness’ on television.

To understand the concept of hegemonic masculinities we first need to understand masculinity. Masculinity has often held power within society, but this does not mean men are not subject of the oppressive nature that this construct can have. Masculinity plays a role in reinforcing patriarchal society and can include
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It is not inherent that all masculine behaviours, including those portrayed in the media are anti-feminist or strictly patriarchal, but do fit somewhere on a spectrum (Lotz 36). Nerd culture can be identified as a sub-culture within western culture that has its own hegemonic masculinity. The masculinity that is seen to be dominant in nerd culture varies from what would be seen as the hegemonic overall in western society, and as Chu suggests it varies from “the asshole jocks”. Lotz also suggests that there has been a shift in what could be considered hegemonic masculinity of certain time periods, using the example of Mad Men set in the 1960s there is a difference in what behaviours are acceptable for men in that period of

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