Essay on Heavy Metal By Black Sabbath

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Heavy Metal first originated in the late 1960’s. It can be categorized by heavy loud distortion, extended guitar solos and powerful vocals. Arguably the first Heavy Metal band was Black Sabbath who formed in 1968 in Birmingham. Since then it has become increasingly popular with some on the biggest bands in the world being associated with the genre. Despite this there have been many negative views about it and has had many issue to deal with such as explicit lyrics, Satanism and censorship. Throughout this essay I will discuss some of the key points and main events that made metal what it is today.

Heavy Metal has stemmed from many influences, such as blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll, however one of the most important influences for Metal is Classical Music. In classical music they use many scales and arpeggios that are seen in Heavy Metal today. One of the first Heavy metal songs ‘Black Sabbath’ by Black Sabbath was based on classical music. Geezer Bulter (Bassist of black Sabbath) stated that he was playing Mars by Holt on bass before practice and Tony Iommi took this and just lengthened the notes (Metal Evolution, 2011) Mars uses the blues scale which contains a tritone (b5) occasionally referred to at the ‘Devils note’ This sinister sound has since been included in many metal songs giving it the sinister feeling. Other scales commonly used in classical music such as the Aeolian and Phrygian modes can clearly be seen in metal guitar parts as well. Furthermore Yngwei…

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